Monday, September 17, 2007

Friday, September 07, 2007

We're One!

Happy Birthday to Us!
We turned one on August 23rd. Mommy made us a Castle bunt cake. It was called a Lemon Picnic Cake. She got the recipe online. We love strawberries more than any other food in the world right now.

Many of you were at our birthday bash in PA on the 25th. Thanks to everyone for making us feel so special and so loved!

We especially liked meeting all of our Adzentoivich cousins.
What a cool group of kids. We can't wait until next year when we can chase you all around!

And our friend Noah also turned one and came with his mommy Melissa and daddy Yves all the way from upstate New York to hang out with us. How cool is that?

Waylon is very excited for his Birthday Breakfast!

Vladimir chooses to age gracefully
Yet chooses to travel incognito in order to avoid all of the Birthday paparazi at Johnny Rockets in the mall food court.
Even though they each got their own race car for their birthday they choose to share one. Waylon is driving.
Aunt (cousin) Anne and Uncle Mark gave us our very own horsies, seeing as how we liked theirs so much. Waylon is obviously smitten.

That's right - I'm ONE (that's me, Vladi, in case you couldn't tell) so don't mess with me. I'll see you at the playground!

I'm not really sure what all this turning ONE thing means, but I guess I'm gonna find out! (Waylon). See you later!