Sunday, December 31, 2006

2007 Resolutions

By Waylon Bram Adzentoivich

I plan to learn to
  • roll over the other way
  • crawl
  • walk
  • say a few words
  • swim
I also plan to
  • sprout some teeth
  • grow some hair
  • make my mommy and daddy laugh
  • eat solid food
  • melt my Grandfather's heart
  • sleep through the night

By Vladimir Joseph Adzentoivich

I plan to learn to
  • roll over
  • crawl
  • walk
  • say a few words
  • swim
I also plan to
  • sprout some teeth
  • grow some hair
  • make my mommy and daddy laugh
  • melt my Grandfather's heart
  • make my daddy smile more
  • eat solid food
  • ride forwards in the backseat of the car
We both plan to grow a lot and to have a lot of fun and to meet more people and play with one another.

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Waylon - blue pants, Vladi - red pants

How We Spend Our Days - 4 Months Old

After a couple of weeks of persistent effort, Waylon has rolled over from his back to his tummy. Vladimir hasn't mastered this yet - he seems far less motivated than his feisty little brother. He practices every once in a while, but he seems in no hurry to grow up. Waylon, on the other hand, seems to want to get up and run around the house RIGHT NOW.

As you know, we have begun to sleep through the night. This is good. This is very good. Waylon still wakes up for a snack at 4am, but Vladi goes right through until 7:30. He is setting a very good example for little bro.

Everyone is very excited about Christmas. We helped momy put up our Christmas tree that daddy cut down on the farm. It is cute and sort of funny looking. You will have to judge for yourself if mommy posts a photo. We haven't given mom and dad a lot of time to get the ornaments up on it. Mommy strung some of her old Mardi Gras beads and a few white lights, but that's about it. Maybe a candy cane or two.

We have our very own Christmas stockings with our names on them. We really feel like a part of the family now!

We plan to visit lots of people over the holidays. Mommy keeps our schedule for us so we're not quite sure when we will be where, but maybe we'll see you!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

News Flash!

Yes folks, we finally slept through the night! We felt so good when we woke up this morning after an uninterrupted nights' sleep. Instead of crying we giggled and cooed when we woke up.

Mommy felt good too, and she didn't look half bad either.

We hit our four month birthday today. I guess it was time we let our mom and dad get some rest. Maybe we will do it again tonight. We'll see.

Waylon is trying desperately to roll over and Vladi is trying when he feels like it. It seems that Waylon is far more motivated than Vladi at this point in time.

We talk a lot. Not so much to each other - more to inanimate objects like stuffed animals and the little plastic animals that hang from our bouncy chair. We talk to mommy, daddy and grandma and grandpa Wood a alot too. They like it. It always makes them laugh so we keep on doing it. Waylon has a great sense of humor and finds everythign funny. He sure laughs a lot. Vladi likes to watch Waylon and make sure he stays out of trouble. Waylon is more interested in whacking Vladi in the head than watching him.

Mommy thinks we each weigh about 15 pounds now. We like to eat! We are wearing size 6 months already, he, he, he. And you all thought we would be tiny preemie peanuts forever! We sure fooled you.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Our First Christmas Season Has Begun

Today marks the beginning of our first Christmas season! Daddy took the decorations out of the attic and mommy is going to attempt to decorate the house today. We won't put up our tree until tomorrow or maybe even next weekend.

Mommy couldn't help but try on some of our new Christmas suits. We have lots..... (Vladi in White, Waylon in red)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mommy is Tired

Ohhhh so tired. More tired than tired ever was. The most tired that she can ever remember or even imagine. Maybe she is dreaming this tired state? She just had a face to face conversation with daddy and immediately forgot it. Why is she so tired?

We sleep at night. Sort of. Waylon wakes up every three or four hours to eat and so does Vladimir. Usually we wake up staggered so that she spends about an hour and a quarter changing and feeding us and then she gets us to go back to sleep. Last night she cleaned the bathroom too, at 2am. Last Wednesday she made cranberry sauce at 3 in the morning. And usually she spends at least 25 minutes pumping breast milk after one of our feedings. What's to be so tired about?

It's not like she is tiring herself out by doing any physical activity. She hasn't exercised in months. Where would she find the time?

Well, no time for her to nap now - Waylon is hungry - and mommy is working too.

She asks me if she already fed me - but how can I tell her yes or no? She knows she wrote it down but she "...can't find that darn notebook". Ah well, might as well feed me again. How do you think I have more than doubled my weight already?

She keeps murmuring something about a Fellini movie and commenting on how she needs to get her eyebrows waxed. We have no idea what she is talking about. Every once in a while she straps on a little drum (what did you think I was going to say?? Dirty, dirty) and marches around the house saying "ZAM-Pa-No, ZAM-Pa-No" dum, dum, dum, dum-ditty, dum.

She just realized, after hearing it a bazillion times, that the song the little cow on our bouncy seats plays is "Old MacDonald" and now she can't stop singing along. She wonders how she could have never gotten that before now. The entire chair is a farm animal theme, it should have been so obvious...

So mommy is tired. Very tired. As a matter of fact it looks like she can't hold her eyes opened any longer. She might be drifting off into dreamland any moment....but not until she gets rid of my hiccups and changes my brother's diaper and makes some tea for daddy because he is sick. I think she also said something about putting up the Christmas tree.

We might start sleeping through the night soon, but I think I feel some sharp little things starting to poke through my gums and that makes me cry so I just don't know. I will have to consult with my brother and get back to you all on that....

In the meantime, if you see our mom, or if you speak with her on the phone, and she acts like she doesn't know you or she is unable to focus for more than a moment on the conversation please don't blame her. She is tired.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Three Month Old Update

Three months old. Wow we are getting so big!

At our doctor's appointment this month we had our first Polio vaccine. We did very well; not much crying at all.

Vladimir was 12lbs 8ozs and was 24 inches long. Waylon was 12lbs 3ozs and was 23 1/4 inches long. The big brother is finally the BIG brother! We have pretty big heads too. Both of our heads measure within the 50th percentile. As far as height and weight go we fall between the 25th and 50th percentile each, with Vladi being just under 50. Mommy and daddy are so glad that we have caught up to our peers and are on the growth charts. We are no longer playing catch-up!

We started taking yucky medicine called Zantac on the day before Thanksgiving. It has helped us to spit-up less. We are sleeping better now too, probably because of the medicine making our tummies feel better. Especially Waylon who never liked to nap during the day. Since we started taking the Zantac he is catching up on lots of ZZZzzzzzzzzs. Neither of us likes the taste of the syrup, Waylon especially hates it, but mommy manages to get it down our throats anyway. She is pretty good at tricking us into swallowing it when we are very hungry.

On Sunday we moved out of the Bachelor Pad in mommy and daddy's room and into our own room. Not only did we move into our own room but we each now have our own crib. No more nighttime dancing. Mommy was very sad about this. She slept on the pullout couch in our room for the past few nights just in case we needed her in the night. We still wake up two or three times in the night to eat. She and daddy are trying to get us on a better schedule but we are very hungry guys and just don't want to go that long without a meal.

Now that we each have our own crib we are more interested in each other during the day. I guess since we don't play with each other at night we sort of miss one another. We never looked at each other during the day until we were seperated at night. Neither of us seem to mind being in our own cribs though. We were out of room when we were sharing. We're just too big!
Our hair is growing in and it looks like we have a buzz cut. Everyone likes to rub our peach fuzz. Daddy likes to rub his face on the top of our heads. In some lights it looks like we might be red heads, in others it looks blonde. I guess only time will tell!

We went to the Thanksgiving Parade in Stamford and saw all of the giant balloons. We rode in our Baby Bjorns and slept part of the time. Afterwards the Baranellos came over and Jack and Ryan played with us for a while. They are big boys and we like them! Their mom, Jennifer, got us to take naps too. She is a baby professional.On Thanksgiving morning we sat in bed with mommy and daddy and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We liked it. Then we had baths and went to the McFarlands for dinner. Granma and Grandpa Wood were there too. The turkey was bigger than we were! We sat in the swing and the vibrate-y chair while the big people ate dinner. We were very good boys all day long.On Saturday mommy and daddy took us in Grandpa's minivan to the farm in Pennsylvania. It is called Adzentoivich Woods. Daddy cut down a Christmas Tree and we got to meet Rose and Frank, our neighbors. They are very nice. They gave us our first Christmas presents!
After visiting the neighbors we went to meet Diane Walsh. She is Grandma Adzentoivich's good friend. She and her husband keep an eye on the farm for mommy and daddy when they are not there. She thought we were pretty cool. We couldn't visit for too long because mommy had to drive us back home that same day and it was getting late.

We also met our Great Aunt Francie and our cousins Anne and Mark. Wow. They are so neat! Anne played on the floor with Waylon and Aunt Francie held Vladi. We had a nice time there. Aunt Francie is also a baby expert because she is our cousin Jonathan's Grandma! The baby wipes were still in the livingroom from his visit on Thanksgiving. This made diaper changing much easier for mommy.

Three Months Old, First Thanksgiving, etc. In Pictures

Vladi and daddy hang in the studio...
Waylon and cousin Anne in PA...
Daddy, Vladi and Great Aunt Francie in PA...
Thanksgiving at the McFarlands with Grandma and Grandpa Wood...
With the McFarlands on Thanksgiving...
With mommy and daddy - 1st Thanksgiving...
Vladi chilling punk rock style...
Vladi and Waylon doing the dance...

Waylon in his hat made by Grandma Wood...
Vladi in his hat made by Grandma Wood...
Three months old, Vladi and Waylon...
Preparing the morning bottles...
Waylon gets first bass lesson from daddy...
Waylon and daddy...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Here Comes Trouble - Vladimir 10 1/2 Weeks Old

Here Comes Trouble - Waylon 10 1/2 Weeks Old

Waylon in his new big boy outfit from Grandma Wood.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ten Weeks Old - 1st Halloween

Vladimir Joseph

Waylon Bram

We are ten weeks old.

We are not babies anymore! Soon we will be giggling and trying to crawl. We weigh a lot and have double (maybe even triple!) chins. We make lots of "talking" sounds and smile more and more. We talk the most when we get into our cribs in the evening. Mommy thinks we are talking to each other, but we won't tell her what we're saying!

We are eating up a storm! Luckily for mommy we are eating more formula now so she is being spared. She is doing lots of pumping so that we can have rice cereal at every meal in a bottle. This has helped to slow down the vomitorium of a few weeks ago.

We have been spending more time in our Baby Bjorns and have gotten used to the idea. We can take a very nice nap while riding in them now. Much better than the first time we tried them at the Pumpkin Patch. Mommy and daddy wear us in them while they do work, wash dishes, eat breakfast, etc. It keeps us close at hand, keeps us upright after eating, and lets them use both of their hands. Don't tell them we told you this, but they can even use the bathroom while we are strapped into them!

We have finally begun to outgrow our Newborn sized clothes and are starting to wear the 0-3 month outfits. We can't wait to wear our jeans!

On Halloween we went with mommy to her office to meet all of her co-workers during their Halloween breakfast party. That was fun! We wore our Old Navy Halloween Onesies. Vladi pooped on his by the time we got home and that was the end of our Halloween outfits. Next year we will dress up for real!

At night we handed out candy with mommy and daddy until they ran out at 7:00. There were lots and lots of kids trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Then we went out to visit all of the neighbors in their colorful costumes. It was quite an evening. We stayed out past our bedtime - but we had to make our adoring fans happy. What's a popular pair of babies to do?

This week we also met our Great Aunt Noreen who is visiting from Colorado. She is so cool!

Here are some pictures of us this week. Including some with Daddy on Halloween.