Sunday, March 11, 2007

6 Months Old - Yeah.

Vladimir and Waylon

We are getting old. A full six months now. Wow.

So far there are four teeth between us. Waylon may have just got his third and Vladimir has number three about to poke through. But as of our 6-month birthday we each had our two bottom teeth.

We like to roll around a lot. We move ourselves around the room by rolling. We chew on everything, including each other.

We love to eat apples and pears. We also like sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, avocados, peaches, bananas, carrots and cereal. Mommy makes it all for us in a big pot and then put it into the freezer. We don't like the bottle so much anymore. We also like to drink water out of a sippy cup.

Our favorite toy is Alphabet Pal including Edison. We really love it when mommy sings the ABC song with Edison. It makes us laugh every time.

We spend our days with daddy. We love it! We think he is so cool. He sings to us every day and we sing too. Many mornings we wake up early and lay in bed and practice our singing. We really like to sing.

We also like to grab for things. And if Vladi is playing with something that I want I will grab it out of his hands. Vladi is so easy going that he will usually let me have it.

Mommy works a lot. And she isn't always here at night. She takes airplanes far away and sleeps there before coming home. We miss her when that happens. Usually Granny and Grandpa will take us to their house on those nights so daddy doens't have to be home alone with us. He sleeps with his pillow over his head and doesn't hear us when we cry. But even though he does that - he is an excellent daddy and we love spending all of our days with him!

We have new car seats. When we face backwards we have to bend our legs at the knees in order to fit. It seems like we should be facing forward but the rules say we can't!

We have our mini-van. We loke to call it the Sleep Machine.

I think mommy is falling asleep. She is just going to add some photos here and then go to sleep. We love our mommy!
Vladi is happy in his exersaucerWaylon plays guitar

Vladimir chills out on the couch