Friday, October 27, 2006

Visiting Grandpa Germano

On Grandma Wood's 60th Birthday we went to meet our Great Grandpa Germano.
We wore our new fall hats.

We also hung out with Grandma at her house. Joan came for a visit and to have birthday cake.
Cheryl and Erica came to say hello, too.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Spit-up A-thon

...or Vomitorium, as our cousin Stephanie would say.

We like to spit-up. All the time. Dr says it is reflux or GERD. Mommy was so freaked out on Wednesday night when Vladi had a spit-up fit that she called the doctor. Vladi couldn't breathe because he was choking on the spit-up. He was shaking his head back and forth and flailing his arms and legs. When he finally expelled the puke from him mouth and nose he took a few seconds before he could catch his breath - then when he did he began to scream. He was scared too.

Doctor Levine said to begin to give us rice cereal in our bottles. So now mommy mixes a teaspoon or two of rice cereal in bottles when she feeds us formula or pumped breast milk. We did this for the first time on Thursday. We seem to like it. The first night I think we both spit-up more, but it seems to be helping now. Today is Sunday and the vomitorium seems to have quelled for the moment. Phew! Choking on spit-up is not fun. It made mommy afraid to feed us before bedtime because she didn't want us to lay down after we ate.

If the rice cereal doesn't help cure us we have to go see a GI doctor. I guess they like to send babies to specialists these days - we have already been to the Cardiologist! What did they do for babies with GERD in the old days before Zantac? Mommy and daddy don't want to givce us drugs or to have to take us to anonther specialist. Hopefully the rice cereal will do the trick.

I don't think we mentioned it, but we have started to do more stuff, like make noises other than crying. Vladi has started to use the consonant "M", and now when he cries sometimes he says "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!" which is great developmentally, but makes mommy feel sad because it sounds like he is crying out to her.

Lots of our clothes fit us now and we got some new pants. Grandma Wood bought us a pair of Calvins. Nice.

Godzilla, our cat, has become our guardian. He watches over us all the time. Daddy likes to call him "Child Services". He waits outside the bedroom door every morning and when we cry he wants to know why. He is a good guy and hasn't tried to get into our crib again since that one time in the first week.Vladimir decided that he would pray over his bottle the other day. Grandma Wood was feeding him and he began to pray "Please don't take my bottle away! Please don't let the bottle run dry..."


"...We've been working so hard,
we've been working so hard,
come on baby, come on baby let's dance (or sleep...)

Bud, duh, bum, bum, bum...... "

Yes folks, we have found Swingtown right here in our bedroom. And it is a very good place. Very good indeed.

Babies love swings.
Babies sleep in swings.
Swings are good.

Here is our swing set:

Our blue vibrating chairs are on the outs. Babies are bored with vibrating chairs. The swing is the thing man. Oh yeah.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Photos - Two Months Old

We went to Eden Farms in Stamford to see the pumpkins. We each got one. Mommy and Daddy carried us in our Baby Bjorns for the first time and neither one of us liked them very much.

Two Months Old

Wow. We are two months old. We can't believe it! Time sure flies when you are busy sleeping, eating, pooping and crying. We are so much bigger than we were just two months ago. Each of us was 8lbs 2oz last time we checked (Tuesday). That is a far cry from 5lbs 11oz and 6lbs 7.5oz!! We also have grown from 19 and 19.5 inches long to 21 and 21.25 inches long. We are now officially big enough to ride in our Baby Bjorn! How exciting.

We spend lots more time awake these days. Mommy and Daddy are trying to figure out what they are supposed to do with us during the awake hours. Quite the challenge as we want to be stimulated all the time.

Woops! Brother is crying now. Must go see what's up.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

All Clear

We saw the Pediatric Cardiologist today. He did an ultrasound of our hearts. Besides our hearts being identical, there is nothing really out of the ordinary wrong with us. Phew! Mommy and daddy were very relieved to hear this news. Seems we each have a very small hole in the top of one of our chambers, which should close on it's own in no time. He also said we have some noise in one of the vessels that goes from the heart to the right lung, and that should go away as our vessels grow and expand. Seems these are pretty common problems in preemies.

The big news is that the doctor weighed us and we are both now 8lbs 2oz!! We finally broke the 8lb mark - yay! We aren't such little munchkins anymore. We actually look like we have a little bit of meat on our bones. We are starting to go for longer periods between meals. Mommy is very happy about that. We guess that since we are getting bigger our tummies can hold more food and we stay full longer.

Stay tuned for our next update which will be tomorrow - when we turn two months old!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hi - this is my Uncle Bryan - Waylon

This is How You Hold a Baby

This is How You Hold a Baby
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Vladimir and Waylon 6.5 Weeks Old

Vladimir and Waylon 6.5 Weeks Old
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Aunt Dee and Vlad play piano

Aunt Dee and Vlad play piano
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Grandma Adzentoivich and Waylon 6.5 Weeks Old

7 Weeks Old

We had a doctor's appointment today. We got shots. They hurt. We both cried but Waylon had it much worse. He cried for a long time. Then we went home and ate and fell asleep for a while on mommy's lap.

We both weigh the same, 7 pounds, 9 ounces. Vladimir caught up to Waylon. Waylon is .25 inches longer than Vladi, but our heads are the same circumference. We are basically the same size. No wonder it is so difficult for daddy to tell us apart! Mommy painted two of Vladimir's toe nails purple so that daddy and the grandparents can tell us apart. It is pretty funny.

Grandma Adzentoivich was here staying with us for the past two weeks. We also had visits from Auntie Dee and Uncle Bryan, Allen and Liz, Jennifer and Ryan and Stephanie. We feel very popular.

The doctor heard heart murmurs in both of us so we have to go get those checked out. Nobody seems to be worried about them though. Mommy has one too, and so does grandma Adzentoivich.

We both smile more now, and we roll over from tummy to back. Dr Klenk says it is because we are so "wirey" and that mommy and daddy need to watch us closely because we might roll off the changing table at any time. We are definitely little guys on the go!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Brothers 5 Weeks Old

Brothers 5 Weeks Old
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Gaze into my eyes - Waylon 5 Weeks Old

With Mommy and Grandma at Cove Island

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First outing to Cove Island with mommy, daddy and grandma.

Cove Island Outing

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Mommy parks the bus to give Vladi a bottle at the beach.

If You Only Knew How Much I Loved You - Waylon 5 Weeks Old

5 Weeks Old.

Extreme Close-up - Vladimir

Extreme Close-up - Vladimir
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5 Weeks Old.

Monday, October 02, 2006

5 1/2 Weeks Old

We are 5 1/2 weeks old and cuter than ever! Our Grandma Adzentoivich is here this week to help take care of us. She is mostly just holding us and talking to us and giving us a bottle every once in a while. She is funny and we like to smile at her. She takes us into the nursery in the morning so mommy can sleep longer. Mommy likes that very much because we still don't let her sleep much during the night. We are growing very fast and are always hungry! Mommy feeds us at least every 2 1/2 hours. Sometimes we need her to feed us every hour and we let her know by screaming at the top of our lungs.

Waylon is still pooping every three days or so, but Vladimir is back to pooping a few times a day. So the poopy diapers have increased but are still fewer than they were a few weeks ago. Mommy and daddy still have it pretty easy in that department.

We both rolled over from our tummies to our backs last week. We are so advanced! It was scarey and we both cried when we did it, so we haven't done it again since. We don't want mommy and daddy to get their expectations up too high, so we figure we'll make them wait a bit before we do it again.

Our eyes are getting lighter every day and seem to be blue. Boy, we are good looking. Did we happen to mention that? You can judge for yourself. Mommy will post some recent pictures of us for your viewing pleasure.