Friday, February 29, 2008


Waylon put on his own boots today. ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!

Daddy said after nap we would have lunch and then get to go outside. As soon as the straps were off Waylon climbed out of his high chair, ran to the back door, sat down and put on his boots. ALL BY HIMSELF!

Then, as if that wasn't impressive enough...

He reached in the box of outdoor things and PULLED OUT HIS GLOVES! He asked daddy to put his gloves on for him and he LEFT THEM ON! My son does have some common sense in his head afterall.

After many, many, weeks of playing outside, gloveless, in freezing temperatures he finally realized it is much more fun to play outside when you can actually feel your hands.

Now we only hope that Vladimir gets some big ideas from watching his brother.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

18 Months Old

Wow. 18 months. One and a half years old! Time sure flies. It is pretty amazing.

Vladimir is walking up and down the stairs. Usually he holds on to the rail and mommy or daddy's hand. Waylon still goes down on his butt or his knees most times.

Playing outside is a favorite passtime. Even in the cold weather and snow! We found a cool new HUGE playground at a nearby school. That has become our weekend play outing. Our Mall also has a new kids' play area where Daddy and the boys go on Friday mornings before lunch. We have a new little slide/swing in our backyard that gives the guys something to do out there other than play with the snow shovel and the broom. It's a big hit.

Had our 18 month doctor appointment yesterday. We both have all of our teeth except for the 2 year molars. We each weigh 27 3/4 pounds and are 33 1/2 inches tall. We have big heads too (lots of brain in there). Everything is moving along nicely except for our conversational skills. Seems we are more interested in using our own made up words than in speaking like mommy and daddy. Sure, Vladimir likes to walk around saying "baby. baby" and both of us like to utter "apple" now and then. But other than that there isn't too much we say that mommy and daddy can understand.

Doctor says we both have fluid in our ears. This may be why we aren't speaking in iambic pantameter by this point. So now we are on antibiotics to see if it clears up. If not, mommy and daddy are going to have to get rid of Godzilla and Mrs. Jinx (we are allergic). And then we have to go to see an ENT doctor. We might need to get tubes put into our ears to help them drain. But hopefully the antibiotics will do the trick and we won't need to be turned into cyborgs at this early age!

Last weekend we went to New York City to visit our friend Leia. Our friend Noah was there with his mommy and daddy too. We had a fun time with all of Leia's toys. We also visited the Baranello boys last week because mommy had President's Day off of work. We had fun at their house too, even though they are big boys. We liked playing with their Matchbox Cars.

Our new favorite breakfast is cereal with vanilla yogurt. Yummm. And we eat it with big boy spoons now too. We love Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios and also all kinds of granola.

We like to read books and point out all of the pictures we see when mommy asks us to. Waylon is very good at always locating the "bowl full of mush" in Goodnight Moon, and also the balloon in Goodnight Gorilla, no matter how small it is. And we love all of the Dr. Seuss books. Especially One Fish, Two Fish and Fox in Socks.

We are down to one nap a day now. And we no longer nap in our swings! Yay! Daddy trained us to nap in our big boy beds. He put our swings in the attic for our little brother to use when he needs them in a few months.

Mommy has a baby brother in her belly. When she asks us where the baby is we like to point to her belly. We are excited for our little brother to join us.

Mommy has lots of pictures to post but they are not on this computer. She will have to post them later.


Friday, February 01, 2008

Waylon's New Dilema

Fifths Disease.

It seems that Waylon has it.

The boys' cheeks were very rosy on Sunday. That is the first sign, followed by a low grade fever for a couple of days, which he had, and then a rash on the body, which is what he had when he woke up this morning.

This is a virus. There isn't anything to do about it but wait it out. They say the rash may last about a week or so and then it's over. Once they have it they don't get it again. They also say the rash doesn't itch.

We couldn't figure out why he had the fever because he wasn't coughing or acting sick at all. I think the diareah he had yesterday is also a symptom in some kids (yummy.

It is dangerous to the fetus for pregnant women but my doctor said that I am immune.