Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Did We Happen to Mention..We Have Teeth?

Oh yes, we do. Waylon has two. Vladi has one and the second is on it's way.

Oh yeah - and we eat food now. From a bowl. We can even put the spoon in our mouths ourselves.

We love avocados. Our mom thought that guacomole would make a good first non-cereal breakfast, seeing as how it is one of her favorite foods (and daddy's too). Cousin Josette gave mommy a book called Super Baby Food and it tells her all about what to feed us at which stage and how to make the food at home for pennies. Good for her wallet and even better for our health!

Seems that they make baby clothes based on some weird growth scale that has nothing to do with the actual rate at which babies grow. I mean, we are already wearing size 9 - 12 months and we just turned 5 months old! we know we aren't giants. Those silly folks at Carters just have their numbers mixed up.

Mommy and daddy bought us our very own car. It is a minivan and it is black, just like our other little car, the Hyundai! Daddy and momy complained about it but we are so happy because we all fit in it so nicely and Grandma doesn't have to ride on the roof anymore!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Resolution Update

Here is a brief update on our New Year's Resolutions.

Has rolled over in both directions; back to tummy, tummy to back
Has rolled over in the other direction; tummy to backWe have both made our Grandpa A. laugh and daddy seems to be smiling more.

We are both sitting up on our own, but need help getting into the seated position. We can both support our weight while standing, but we still need mommy or daddy to hold us while we stand.

The doctor said we are both in the 75% percentile for height and weight. We are big boys!! When our friends Simon, Leia and Noah came to play we were almost the biggest kids - and we're the youngest! Mommy is the biggest out of all of the mommies, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Mommy has been wearing things on her hands because the doctor told her that she has something called Carpal Tunnel in her right hand and tendonitis in her left wrist. Poor mommy. We just keep getting heavier and we want her to hold us more than ever!

We love our exersaucer and take turns playing in it. We have gotten much stronger since Christmas, when we got it, and can stand in it and play for a long time at a stretch!

We are just about too big for our Bumbo Seats. We got those about a month ago and we have already figured out how to wriggle out of them - almost! Mommy says they were one of the best things she had to keep us occupied. She started using them as soon as we were able to hold our heads up on our own, even when we were still a little bit wiggly. But since we are so big for our age we are outgrowing them quickly, too bad for mommy!

We have two new books that we love. One was a gift from our friends Zoe and Simon and it is called Charlie Parker Sings Be Bop. Mommy likes to read it because it is like a jazzy song.

The other book is a gift from Grandpa Adzentoivich and is called Railway Rhymes. It stars Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. Grandpa read it to us when he got here and mommy read it to us today.

We will be five months old in another week. Wow, time sure flies when you are busy tripling your birth weight and learning to eat solids! Grandma Adzentoivich arrives tomorrow to stay with us for two weeks. We can't wait!

Charlie Parker Plays Be-Bop (Live Oak Music Makers)