Friday, August 29, 2008

TWO Years Old!

Yes! We made it through another year. TWO. Can't believe it. Vladimir and Waylon are TWO!! And they certainly are all that goes along with that age: curious, stubborn, strong-willed, fearless, loud, silly, creative, hilarious, fast and adorable.

The birthday party had to be canceled this year because Mama came down with pneumonia along with two other infections and was in the hospital the week of the party. However, we did manage to have lunch with Gaga and Papa Wood, Papa Adzentoivich, Aunt Dee (and Uncle? Jason), and Joan and Kate McFarland. We had special carrot cake cupcakes and yummy wraps for lunch. And of course, there were the presents!

And the best gift of all is our little brother Silas who is now 6 weeks old. We are all getting along really well. We can't wait until he is big enough to play with us.