Sunday, October 19, 2008

Silas - Three Months Old

Baby brother Silas is now 3 months old. Wow does time fly? Mommy has no time to keep up with blogging. Someday baby brother is going to search online and find out that mommy blogged about everything Vladimir and Waylon did in their first year, and barely managed to announce his birth!

Well....mommy is trying. But with three of us under 3 and working full time, there isn't a lot of time for anything else.

Silas is doing great! He rolls over from his tummy to his back. He hold onto his rattle and his toy giraffe. He chews his fingers and his toys all the time. Silas never used a pacifier. In fact, mommy has thrown them all away since he never showed an interest.

Soon Silas will be sitting up. He sits now as long as somebody keeps him steady (usually mommy). He loves to watch his big brothers all day long - until he gets sleepy and needs to take a nap.

Aunt Dee Dee comes over a few days a week and plays with all of us. We love her.

One scarey thing happened two weeks ago. Silas threw up a bunch of times until he turned blue and went limp. Mommy and daddy were so scared. They took him to the Emergency Room as fast as they could. He had to spend the night in the hospital with mommy but they let him come home the next day. The doctors aren't sure why that happened to him. It might have been because he has a Polio and Hepatitis vaccine that morning, or because he drank formula that afternoon. We are going to try to figure it out at his 4 months doctor's visit.

All of us brothers are getting along well. Vladimir likes to hug and kiss Silas. Waylon stays a little further away.

Daddy started asking us if we want another little brother and we both said YES!