Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pull Up A Seat

A Potty Seat to be precise.

For the past two days in a row Waylon has performed the most amazing feat! This with zero prodding from mom, dad or Grandma A (who is now staying with us, Grandpa is on his way too). For the past two mornings, after breakfast and a morning sippy-cup of milk, Waylon has decided it wouldbe a good idea to POOP IN THE POTTY!!!

Of course, he isn't using the real, grown-up potty. He is using his bright red Baby Bjorn potty which has been situated next to the big-person potty since Christmas. TWO days in a row!

Needless to say we are all very proud. Especially Waylon himself. He is the proudest of us all. Afterwards he enjoyed the big-boy task of flushing the poop down the big potty - all by himself. Then he proceeded to go downstairs where he danced to some old R&B for a while as he built a grand tower with his Mega Blocks.

Vladimir wants to know what all the fuss is about.

So - at 20 months - the boys each say a handful of words - in their own dialect of course. their vocabulary is something like the following (I may be leaving something out here):

Mo (more)
Gap'pa! (grandpa)
BA-l (ball)
Ulalala (umbrella)
Balala (banana)
Diaper (this is a rare one)
Napkin (also a rare one)
Abu (toothbrush)
Appo (apple)
YA (yes)
Hollaaa (a'la Gwen Stefanie)
Jissie (Jinxie, the cat. Vlad says this)

As well as multiple animal sounds either on demand or in response to a picture in a book or a stuffed animal

Ak-Ak (duck)
Hoo-hoo (owl)
Arrrghghgr (lion)
Aowww (dog)
Eow (cat)
Moo (cow)

We have been to an ENT to uncover why there has been fluid in our ears for so long now. And perhapd this fluid is causing a delay in speech development. Unfortunately, and surprisingly, our ENT passed away suddenly last week! Now we have an appointment with a new Dr in June. We will have our hearing tested at that time and if there is still fluid we will discuss the possibility of tubes.

Outside continues to be the favorite place to be. Grandma plays outside for a few hours each day. On the weekends we all go to the BIG playground at the school up the road. We can play there for hours at a time. We always fall asleep on the 5 minute car ride home from the playground, which makes mama and dada very happy.

So far, being 20 months old rocks. We are getting ready for our little brother to arrive in 10 weeks or so. We are excited to be big brothers!