Friday, December 14, 2007

15 Months and Counting

Yesterday, Waylon climbed out of his crib. Head first. He is 15 1/2 months old.

Last night, Waylon and Vladimir both spent their first ever night in "big boy beds".

Though nobody slept in a bed.

Our cribs are the "convertible" sort that you can get these days. They go from crib to toddler bed to full size bed with headboard and footboard. So it was very easy for us to make the transition. All mom and dad had to do was take off the front panel and voila! Beds.

Vladimir began the evening sprawled out on the little IKEA couch in his room. Waylon thought he'd try the pillow on the floor in between the two beds. This seemed to work until about midnight.

Mom came in when she heard the noise. Vladimir had fallen from the couch to the pillows on the floor next to the couch. Waylon was swiftly changing positions on the floor.

Long story short, Vladimir had pretty bad cough and so went to mama and daddy's room to "smoke the pipe" (Adzentoivich-speak for the nebulizer). He ended up spending the night there. Waylon moved to the couch and spent the night, very bravely, all alone in his room.

In the morning, Waylon was on the floor, halfway under the crib wondering where the heck everyone else was.

It wasn't a bad first night - but maybe tonight someone will actually try sleeping in a bed...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Yes, it is that fun time of year when Mama and Dada dress us up like animals. Waylon got to be a puppy - he likes to bark, and Vladimir was the king of the forest - a lion. We went to the Mother's of Multiple's party in Ridgefield. We were the littlest guys there. Vladimir had fun with the performers on stage. Waylon laid low because he was fighting off a cold. All in all, it was a fun day (I think?)
He, he. You look funny brother.

What the heck do they expect us to do NOW?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bumbo Seat Recall

Oh my GOD! I talked about this Bumbo Seat on this and my other blog. If you bought it please read the warning and BE CAREFUL! Babies have actually cracked their skulls....terrifying.

Monday, October 15, 2007

First Hair Cuts

Luckily we happened upon a haircutting place in the Mall that was donating all of the proceedes from their hair cuts to a Breast Cancer charity. Horray! Perfect opportunity for a first-ever haircut. And you can't beat 7 bucks. Mom and Dad were so proud. No crying, whining or squirming.



Monday, September 17, 2007

Friday, September 07, 2007

We're One!

Happy Birthday to Us!
We turned one on August 23rd. Mommy made us a Castle bunt cake. It was called a Lemon Picnic Cake. She got the recipe online. We love strawberries more than any other food in the world right now.

Many of you were at our birthday bash in PA on the 25th. Thanks to everyone for making us feel so special and so loved!

We especially liked meeting all of our Adzentoivich cousins.
What a cool group of kids. We can't wait until next year when we can chase you all around!

And our friend Noah also turned one and came with his mommy Melissa and daddy Yves all the way from upstate New York to hang out with us. How cool is that?

Waylon is very excited for his Birthday Breakfast!

Vladimir chooses to age gracefully
Yet chooses to travel incognito in order to avoid all of the Birthday paparazi at Johnny Rockets in the mall food court.
Even though they each got their own race car for their birthday they choose to share one. Waylon is driving.
Aunt (cousin) Anne and Uncle Mark gave us our very own horsies, seeing as how we liked theirs so much. Waylon is obviously smitten.

That's right - I'm ONE (that's me, Vladi, in case you couldn't tell) so don't mess with me. I'll see you at the playground!

I'm not really sure what all this turning ONE thing means, but I guess I'm gonna find out! (Waylon). See you later!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Yes, the brothers have been baptised (baptized?). June 2nd was the big day. It was a HOT one. I think everyone had a good time. Even the baby squirrel that was a persistent party-crasher.

Vladimir naps it off after church
Grandmother and Grandfather A came all the way from Las Vegas for the weekend
Grandmother and Waylon hamming it up!
"Little Nuts" as Godfather Jeff dubbed him...
Waylon got loads of wagon rides after church.
The Father and The Godfathers...
Carleen and Jeff - Waylon's Godparents
Carleen and her God Son Waylon (aka Jesus Statue Toucher), Aunt Pauline, Tony C and his God Son Vladimir, Jeff
The Adzentoivichs

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pics and Stuff - 9 Months Old

Waylon in his hat

Nine Months Old. Wow.

Vladimir can stand and is cruising around, as they say. Moving around the room holding on to different things along the way; the couch, my knee, the guitar, whatever. It is cool.Vladimir Stands in the Play Yard

Waylon likes to clap his hands. He is able to sit up and get up on his knees but hasn't mastered the art of pulling up to standing yet. It should happen any day now.Waylon on His Knees in Crib

Both brothers have 6 teeth, 4 top and 2 bottoms. It seems like they are working on the bottom sides now. Lots of chewing, screaming and drooling.
Waylon chews his crib

We have a new baby pool, but nobody has gone for a dip yet. Maybe this weekend, being Memorial Day and all.

Next week Grandmother and Grandfather Adzentoivich arrive. Along with Tony C. It is going to be quite a lively household for a couple of weeks to say the least!

Dad is re-building the front walk and mom is working on the backyard in anticipation of the big Christening event next weekend. Lots of loved ones congregating in a little house...hope for nice weather!Vladi on Daddy's Shoulders

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Big Stand

Vladimir was the first to pull himself up to standing yesterday (5/15). He used the playyard to pull himself up. Waylon gets on all fours in the Downward Dog position, up on his toes, but hasn't quite figured out how to get all the way up yet.

Funny - neither one has figured how to get into the seated position by himself. Both are able to get up onto their knees from laying on their bellies, but can't seem to get onto their butts.

Almost 9 months old. I just can't believe it.

Waylon has 6 teeth with some more on the way. He likes to scream and hasn't been sleeping too well - and who would blame him with sharp things poking through his poor gums.

Vladi has 4 or 6 teeth - depending on how you count. Two are not really out yet, though they have broken through the gums.

They like to play with each other all of a sudden. They grab toys from one another. They crawl over top of each other for no other reason than to crawl over top of each other. They "talk" when they are in their cribs at night and early in the morning when they wake up. They laugh at each other and when Daddy makes Waylon giggle Vladi gets a kick out of it and joins in the laugh fest. I wonder if he feels ticklish when we tickle his brother. It seems like it - the way he laughs out loud.

We moved their cribs back together, like they were when they were "babies". Now they can reach their hands through the slats and touch one another. They seem to like to do that.

They are eating lots of solid foods now. I think they are ready to be done with baby food. They eat so much of it, it just can't seem to fill them up.

And they are big. At least 24 pounds. And long too. I am guessing 30 inches.

We are having their Christening on 6/2. Godparents are as follows:
Godmother - Josette (yes, THE Josette)
Godfather - Tony C
Godmother - Carleen
Godfather - Jeff

We finally found a babysitter - Kate! She is awesome. The boys love her. She sings to them and plays with them. Daddy is able to get some work done now and Mommy doesn't have to feel quilty for leaving him alone with the boys all day long. the only down side to Kate is that she leaves at the end of the summer to go back to college - but we aren't thinking about that right now. Right now we are simply basking in the new babysitter glow :-)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's Hard Being a Baby!

The other day, I played so much in my exersaucer that I just couldn't stay awake! I had to take a nap right there on my feet, with my favorite rubbery lion in my fist. My brother Waylon layed on the floor and laughed at me with Daddy.

What's a tired boy to do? Ya' gotta grab a nap where you can!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

7 Months Old

What we did this month...
Waylon spent some time napping
Vladimir rode in the van to the beach with mom and Waylon
There was a race to see who could creep across the floor the fastest (shirts against skins)
We got a new stroller and went walking with mommy at the beach
Vladimir fed Cheerios to his girlfried (Leia)
Waylon hung out in the new Playyard with his girlfriend (Leia - same girlfriend)
Vladimir joined the cereal gang
Waylong joined the cereal gang too

Sunday, March 11, 2007

6 Months Old - Yeah.

Vladimir and Waylon

We are getting old. A full six months now. Wow.

So far there are four teeth between us. Waylon may have just got his third and Vladimir has number three about to poke through. But as of our 6-month birthday we each had our two bottom teeth.

We like to roll around a lot. We move ourselves around the room by rolling. We chew on everything, including each other.

We love to eat apples and pears. We also like sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, avocados, peaches, bananas, carrots and cereal. Mommy makes it all for us in a big pot and then put it into the freezer. We don't like the bottle so much anymore. We also like to drink water out of a sippy cup.

Our favorite toy is Alphabet Pal including Edison. We really love it when mommy sings the ABC song with Edison. It makes us laugh every time.

We spend our days with daddy. We love it! We think he is so cool. He sings to us every day and we sing too. Many mornings we wake up early and lay in bed and practice our singing. We really like to sing.

We also like to grab for things. And if Vladi is playing with something that I want I will grab it out of his hands. Vladi is so easy going that he will usually let me have it.

Mommy works a lot. And she isn't always here at night. She takes airplanes far away and sleeps there before coming home. We miss her when that happens. Usually Granny and Grandpa will take us to their house on those nights so daddy doens't have to be home alone with us. He sleeps with his pillow over his head and doesn't hear us when we cry. But even though he does that - he is an excellent daddy and we love spending all of our days with him!

We have new car seats. When we face backwards we have to bend our legs at the knees in order to fit. It seems like we should be facing forward but the rules say we can't!

We have our mini-van. We loke to call it the Sleep Machine.

I think mommy is falling asleep. She is just going to add some photos here and then go to sleep. We love our mommy!
Vladi is happy in his exersaucerWaylon plays guitar

Vladimir chills out on the couch

Saturday, February 03, 2007

What We Did In January

The whole famliy!
Waylon at Work
Vladimir and Todd. Mommy and daddy's original neighbor from Brooklyn!
Vladi at work.
Vladimir napping on Grandpa A.
Waylon wakes up on his tummy.
Napping holding hands.
Vladimir eating cereal.
Waylon eating cereal.
Double bath time with mom.