Sunday, March 01, 2009

Silas Seven Months Old

At a restaurant after my bed time for Uncle Bryan and Aunt Sam's wedding rehearsal dinner - December 2008
Time flies. 7 months already. Wow. Mommy has been very bad about posting for me. I will forgive her someday, but not sure when.

Let's see. What have I been up to lately? Well, I can sit myself up onto my butt. I can roll any which way I chose. I can get onto my knees and kneel. I also have pulled myself up to standing in my play yard and on the stairs and on toys. I have cruised around dad's room while holding onto the couch. Yes! I can't wait to play with my big brothers!!

Look! I can sit up by myself!!

I like to eat food. Not baby food. Not a bottle. I barely take 20 ounces a day from the bottle. Mommy doesn't nurse me anymore. She stopped about two weeks ago once I began to bite her. I have two sharp bottom teeth on the bottom. But that's it. Just two. I drool a lot so I guess the others are on their way soon.

Me and my favorite sippy cup

So, back to eating. Yes. I like teething cookies. I like Cheerios. I also have a taste for those Gerber finger foods. I tried a piece of banana today and also a few pieces of avocado. Not mashed up, but in pieces. I did a pretty good job getting it all into my mouth. Mommy gave me #3 baby food for dinner with chunks of veggies in it. Yum. I don't really like to eat the baby cereal anymore. Just so much mush.

Vladimir, Waylon and me in our jerseys from Uncle Jeff and Aunt Carleen

I like to laugh. A lot! I also like to talk. I say "ba-ba" for bottle. I say "baa" for bath. Gaga Wood says that I say "papa" but mommy hasn't heard that yet. I like to babble too. Make up my own sounds for stuff. Soon I will be talking with my big brothers!

Hangin with Waylon and Vladimir

I like to watch Waylon and Vladimir. They are so cool. Way cool. Wicked cool. As far as I am concerned. I watch them like a hawk every chance I get! I like to reach out and touch them and they say "no baby!" and move away. Sometimes they give me a hug and kiss but usually mommy or daddy asks them to first. When I cry they say "shhh baby" and if I make noise when they are watching TV they say "shhh baby". They tell me I can't eat food because I have "no teeth baby". I love them!

I am so easy going. I like to take naps. Two per day. I like to sleep through the night too. Mommy and daddy are so happy about that! I nap in my crib with no problem. Mommy or daddy just put me up there and I talk to myself until I fall asleep with my blankie.

I spent the night at Gaga and Papa Wood's house last week. It was my first night away from home and without my brothers. Mommy was traveling for work so it was much easier for daddy without me in the house. I had a blast! I think gaga and papa like it too.

At the farm with Mommy, Waylon and Vladimir

A few weeks ago I went to the farm in Pennsylvania with mommy, daddy, Waylon and Vladimir. What a fun time! We went to a restaurant, Perkins, for lunch. We hiked into the farm. I got to ride in mommy's backpack for the first time and I loved it. There was so much snow. It was really pretty. Then we had dinner at Uncle Tony's house before the long ride home. I slept in the van and went to bed as soon as we got home. I like to ride in the van because I get to look at my brothers the entire time!

My Christening with Uncle Bryan and Aunt Deanne

Back in December I was Christened at Church and I also went to my Uncle Bryan and Aunt Samantha's wedding. It was so fun. I stayed up past my bed time! My God parents are Uncle Bryan and Aunt Deanne.

With my new Aunt Samantha!

Well, mommy needs to post some pictures here. She will upload some videos this week too - or so she tells me anyway.

First Christmas - dorky suit, thanks Mom...

Oh yeah, one last thing. I like to kiss all the time too. Not contact kisses but air kisses. Just a smack of the lips. Over and over again. >kiss<

playing with Waylon

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